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2007 Dodge Pickup

  • 2007 Dodge Pickup

    Dodge Pickup
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    • Scan computers, extract fault codes, do preliminary research. No DTC's present at this time. Test drove multiple times, Viewed live data while @ idle and driving, no misfire counts present. Performed physical inspection, OK. Removed and inspected 2 spark plugs, do not appear to be in horrible condition, but there are 2 different brands of plugs installed. No further information available for diagnostic testing at this time. Test drove a second time in the morning and re-produced a misfire and P0201. Installed lab scope and found that wiring to #1 injector was reversed. Recommend correcting wiring. Also tested injector and found the correct OHMs reading for #1. Recommend normal maintenance and tune-up. (spark plugs, throttle body cleaning, and fuel system cleaning)
    • Cleaned oil from multiple locations on engine, where it has been coating and running down in lots of areas. Recommend customer return in 2-3 days to re-inspect where leaks are originating from.
    • Re-Wire #1 injector.
    • FUEL
    • SPARK PLUGS – Remove & Replace – V8,5.7L Eng (16 Spark Plugs)
    • Clean throttle body
    • VALVE COVER GASKET – Remove & Replace – V8,5.7L Eng Both.
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