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2015 Ford Taurus

  • 2015 Ford Taurus

    Ford Taurus
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    • Confirmed customer complaint there is a clicking and the modes does not operate. Got access to connector at mode actuator and while it was clicking disconnected and the noise went away, this confirms that there is power to actuator and it's something wrong on actuator or door is stuck. To proceed need approval to remove actuator to check door, if door is not stuck the actuator is bad.
    • Issue is with key fob. Tested it and as we get farther away, signal gets weaker. Customer stated they replaced battery, rec getting a new fob.
    • Drained and filled engine oil,Replaced filter,lubed chassis,Checked and topped off all fluids and inflated tires to specs.
    • Waste oil and filter disposal
    • Activated Washer sprayer multiple times and it is working correctly at the moment.
    • HVAC DOOR ACTUATOR – Remove & Replace – Mode Door,Driver Side,Defrost/Panel/Floor Door,w/Adjustable Pedal
    • Front End Wheel Alignment Service –
    • Rotate tires as specified by owners manual or customer.Tourqe lug nuts to factory specs.
    • Replace rear brake pads and rotors, clean and lubricate caliper and slides, replace hardware (where necessary/available)
    Mike C. gave our service a 5 star review on 7/4/2024


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