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2014 GMC Terrain


GMC Terrain

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  • Test drove vehicle and notice the RPMs high but transmission is shifting without any harsh shift, at shop scanned for codes and only found P0014 Exhaust camshaft position performance, engine is very low on oil the dipstick is not detecting any and vehicle is over due 2K miles. Checked transmission oil and it's full but smells burn and is very dark. Test drove some more on highway and same results shift normal but RPMs are high. Transmission failed to reset adaptive values. Performed exhaust backpressure test. OK.
  • Drained and filled engine oil,Replaced filter,lubed chassis,Checked and topped off all fluids and inflated tires to specs.
  • Waste oil and filter disposal
Matthew M. gave our service a 5 star review on 9/8/2023
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