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Are you considering buying a Tesla? PROFIX can help. Give us a call and let us help you understand the differences between an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle and an EV (electric vehicle). There are pros and cons for sure. After just one drive in a Tesla, you may fall in love! But be cautious and make sure you know the short comings of an EV as they relate to your driving needs.

EV’s in general have significant differences that can take some adjustment. We offer best practices for using/owning your Tesla. For example, charging: When do I charge, how, for how long, to what level? What is brake burnishing, how often should I do it, and why?

Already own a Tesla and need a little help with the features? We own two Teslas ourselves and have experienced many features/issues a Tesla can have. We, as owners, love the technology like autopilot and the great infotainment system, but they can be confusing or just act up sometimes, such as when Tesla pushes out an update and things change or don’t work correctly. Not to worry. Give us a call.