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Tesla – Pre-Purchase Inspections

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You’ve decided to buy a used Tesla.  But NOT SO FAST.  There are many pitfalls in buying a used Tesla just like buying any other car.  Yes, they have far less moving parts but they can still cost you a fortune in repairs if you pick the wrong car.  We have years of both body and service experience and can evaluate your prospective Tesla bumper to bumper.  Using Tesla’s factory scanner, we will evaluate and report on current alerts, alert history, battery health and overall electronic systems condition.  We also look at the body and chassis, brakes, tires and suspension, cooling system, low voltage systems including the low voltage battery.  We push every button – even the ones you don’t even know exist.

We don’t have x-ray vision, but we report on all issues, make repair estimates and make a recommendation on owning the Tesla.

Combine this inspection with our new owner education and we think you will find this very helpful.