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2017 Audi A3

  • 2017 Audi A3

    Audi A3
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    • Check Engine lamp is illuminated and/or warning message is on the vehicle dash/information cluster. Perform evaluation and diagnostic testing including DTC pre and post repair scan, component testing, test drive, and vehicle inspection. Test drove several times could not duplicate concern, one of those drives was almost to the end of the day and park it for some time and went to vehicle again to start it and it acted up, next day had to put gas and it would not take gas in. At this point we are suspecting a canister close valve failure and when it acts up the vapors from tank get to vehicle making the air fuel mixture incorrect. Removed fender liner to get to the charcoal canister, when inspecting the canister found it full of gas (this is only achieved due to vehicle overfilling when putting gas). Recommend to replace charcoal canister. **Arrived at shop tuesday morning and found oil leak under car** Replaced canister, test drove and vehicle drove properly, no codes on.
    • GAS
    • Camshaft Phasers are leaking as well as a tiny leak from oil plug, which can be replaced upon next oil change.
    • Remove and Replace Camshaft Phaser Gaskets
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